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What is an e-scape? That’s part of why this blog exists. To explore this arbitrary definition that I have slapped on as the title of this blog. How do I retroactively explain this term, “e-scapes”, which I like, but don’t really understand?

Maybe there are many e-scapes. Just as there are tundras and rainforests, there are many kinds of electronic landscapes. BBS forums, Signal chats, COD MW2 lobbies, VRChat, insane Nextdoor neighbors, mommy blogchains, crypto Substacks, and Twitter lists — these are all e-scapes. They have their own “thereness”. But, maybe an e-space is the copper wiring, and optic cabling, that makes these spaces possible. In a network, the edges, just as much as the nodes, make up an e-scape. Is an e-scape the content of the digital world, or is it the verbiage, the activity of the network itself, that makes it so?

We will see.

This will be fun. Yes. Fun will be had, and for anyone who likes the style of thinking from Marshall McLuhan, Hito Steyerl, maybe Heidegger, perhaps Bucky Fuller, then fun might be had here for you as well.

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